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Chief Justice Administered Oath To Obama A Second Time

Turns out one of the most talked about TV moments of the inauguration—Chief Justice John Roberts’ mangled administering of the oath of office—was repeated outside of camera range, just in case, late Wednesday.

According to White House counsel Greg Craig, he believes the oath with the misplaced “faithfully” stuck, but they were taking no chances.

"We believe that the oath of office was administered effectively and that the President was sworn in appropriately yesterday,” he said in a statement late Wednesday. “But the oath appears in the Constitution itself. And out of an abundance of caution, because there was one word out of sequence, Chief Justice Roberts administered the oath a second time."

There was a pool reporter present, Wes Allison of the St. Petersburg Times, who reported that it took about 25 seconds, and after a “flawless delivery,” Roberts quipped, “congratulations again.”

"All right." Obama added. "The bad news for the pool is there's 12 more balls."