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'Chica' Gets Her Own Show On Sprout

Chica the Chicken, co-host of Sprout's The Sunny Side Up Show, will star in a new 20-episode series set to debut this November.

Promoting social-emotional development in preschoolers through creative play, The Chica Show (11 minutes an episode) follows the imaginative adventures of Chica and her cast of colorful friends as they explore all the whimsical, outrageous and humorous costumes and accessories the Costume Coop -- a playful shop filled with every costume imaginable -- has to offer, the network said. "A mix of live action and animation, each episode takes the viewer on a journey into Chica's imagination where problems are solved, questions are answered and faraway lands are explored. Chica helps her mom and dad in the Costume Coop, and when it closes, she and her friends magically transform into animated characters and set off on adventures like going undersea to learn more about clean-up time, embarking on a voyage with Vikings to discover why manners are important, or even jetting off to a rock star concert to discover why practice makes perfect."

Executive produced by Andrew Beecham, senior vice president of programming at Sprout, and Lisa O'Brien, Sprout's vice president of original programing and development, The Chica Show is being presented to the international market at MIP-TV and is distributed by JBMW Media.

Also on the show will be: Kelly (human character) from The Sunny Side Up Show; Chica's Mom (puppet), who runs the Costume Coop with Chica's Dad; Chica's Dad (puppet); Stitches (stuffed doll); Bunji (a real rabbit); Sproutlets and their Families (human characters).

The NBCUniversal-managed network, aimed at pre-schoolers and their caregivers, said recently it will launch the U.S. debut of new series Justin Time on April 22.