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CFA: Wheeler Proposal Appears Spot On

The Consumer Federation of America said Federal Communications Commission chairman Tom Wheeler's proposal for new, Title II/Sec. 706-grounded net-neutrality rules, at least from descriptions of the draft order, looks like it is "exactly what is needed to ensure that the principle of open access on which [the Internet's] success is preserved in the future."  

That came in a letter from the CFA to the chair and ranking member of the House Communications Subcommittee in advance of a net neutrality hearing in the subcommittee Wednesday (Feb. 25). That hearing comes a day before the planned vote on the order.  

CFA said that by combining Sec. 706 authority with Title II as needed "puts key policy issues back on the table – like universal service, consumer protection and competition – that were never addressed when broadband was misclassified as an information service."

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