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CDD to Kid-Directed Sites: We'll Be Watching

Starting on July 1, the Center for Digital Democracy is
going to start monitoring the kid-targeted websites of Viacom, Turner, Disney
and others to make sure they are complying with the Federal Trade Commission's expandedChildren's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) rules .

In December, the FTC unveiled the final version of its
proposed changes and updates, which include bringing geolocation, cookies
(plug-ins) and online user names, as well as photos, videos and audio of kids,
into the definition of personal information that can't be collected without
parental permission, and brings behavioral targeting explicitly within the
rule. It also makes websites responsible for third-party collections.

Companies also have to ensure that any third party receiving
information can protect it and its confidentiality and is abiding by new rules
on how it can be kept and stored.

"CDD will begin conducting privacy and
digital marketing 'sweeps' of the major kids online sites starting this
summer," said CDD executive director Jeff Chester. "We are also
distributing to more than 60 leading child health, advocacy, and civil rights
groups a new legal guide to help them also be better cops on the kids privacy