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CCIA Offers Set-Top Defense, Alternative

The Computer & Communication Industry Association has offered up what it advertises as a way to "bridge" the divide between FCC's "unlock the box" set-top box proposal, and the apps-centric "ditch the box" alternative offered up by the National Cable & Telecommunications Association and others.

CCIA members include Google, Amazon, Dish and Tivo.

In a white paper submitted to the FCC, which appeared to keep a thumb on the FCC's side with the title "Unlock the Box: How to Address Opposition and Boost Competition," CCIA said one solution could be a Digital Certificate for third-party boxes "tied to contractual  language pertaining to advertising, channel number preservation, and privacy compliance."

The white paper reads mostly like a defense of the FCC proposal, saying the NCTA alternative is " light in detail and heavy with loopholes" and would "box out" competition, while the FCC proposal is a solution that gives consumers "real choice."