Offering Users Four Angles on Live-Stream of Super Bowl

New York-- While TV viewers will get a gander at high-resolution Super Bowl XLVII images via CBS’s new camera system, online users can play director on their own as they watch the NFL championship.

Speaking at CBS Super Media Day here on Jan. 8, when the company outlined its cross-divisional plan to bring maximum exposure for the Big Game across myriad platforms, CBS Sports chairman Sean McManus noted the network will deploy the hyper zoom camera system for its coverage of Super Bowl XLVII from New Orleans on Feb. 3.

“It has four times the resolution [of other cameras]. The clarity is amazing,” said McManus.

In another first for the network, McManus said is live-streaming the title tilt and offering a variety of additional second-screen features, including a quartet alternative camera angles, as well as  live stream of the Pepsi Super Bowl XLVII Halftime Show, featuring Beyonce, and immediate access to the Super Bowl commercials as they are broadcast on the network.

As for the different looks online, the All-22 camera angle provides a high, full-field view from the 50-yard-line showing all players on the field. Deployed in the broadcast as a telestrator feature to break down plays, the angle is ideal for fans who want to study formations and get a coach’s perspective on each play.

The Fan Choice camera emanates from a fixed position to put users in the best position to hunt for compelling views of the game action. The view will change throughout the game based upon a producer’s choice or polls of the "The Super Bowl on" audience on the most-wanted viewing angle, bringing a higher level of interactivity into the game experience. players will also be able to get the perspective from the sideline, via a camera angle that provided field-level views from a camera mounted on a cart. The positioning moves with the plays to focus on the offensive action, making this angle especially useful for goal-line situations.

Meanwhile, the cable camera supplies an aerial view of the field, positioned from behind the play and staying with the ball.

Other features of The Super Bowl on include: a pop-up, browser-based video console optimized for laptops, desktops, and tablets offering CBS Sports' broadcast coverage of the game; DVR features to pause and rewind events during the game; deep social integration with Twitter feeds and other social media features; an interactive gallery of the Super Bowl