CBS Sports Network Adds Carriage on TWC Systems

CBS Sports Network is gaining a wider berth with Time Warner Cable.

The 24-hour cable sports network from CBS Sports, which has been available as part of the MSO’s sports tier, has expanded its penetration with positioning on TWC’s DTV-Digital TV package on most systems, beginning today.

The upgrade – CBS Sports Network also will retain its positioning on TWC’s Sports Pass – follows CBS Corp.’s deal with the nation’s No. 2 cable operator. The parties were involved in a month-long retransmission-connect disconnect that impacted 13 CBS-owned stations in eight TWC markets and the shutdown of Showtime, TMC, Flik and Smithsonian Channel across the operator’s nationwide system. CBS Sports Network remained on TWC’s systems throughout the blackout, but is now adding homes with the MSO through the far-reaching pact.

CBS Sports Network is now seen in over 53 million homes and is available to more than 99 million households across the country. Over the last 12 months, the network, which airs more than 400 live games annually and a host of studio programming, has seen an 18% increase in its distribution base, representing more than 7 million additional subscribers.

CBS Corp. reached a retrans renewal with Verizon FiOS in August that will result in broader carriage for CBS Sports Network.