CBS College Sports ‘Going Yard’

CBS College Sports Network has taken the field with the 2008 edition of Going Yard, a two-month college baseball tour.

Now in its second season, Going Yard will trace more than 60 games and some 4000 miles, as two reporters hit different “yards” as they aspire to capture the culture of college baseball.

The Going Yard squad, University of Miami graduates Brody Logan (2006) and Jason Kerepesi (2004), are traveling across the country, making stops with some of college baseball’s elite teams, including Miami, North Carolina, Arizona State and Florida State. They also make visits toSwayze Stadium (Ole Miss) and Jackie Robinson Stadium (UCLA), among others.   

The tour will encompass the nation’s elite teams and rivalries and take in the ACC and SEC Conference tournaments, along with regional and super regional action. Their final stop: Omaha, Neb. for the College World Series. 

Along the way, Logan and Kerepesi are immersing themselves in the culture and lifestyle that encompasses college baseball. Between stops on campus, they visit people and places showcasing the passion for the sport.