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Car Talk: ITS Welcomes House Interest in 5-GHz Spectrum

Thomas Kern, interim president of ITS America: The High Tech Transportation Association, said he welcomes the House Energy & Commerce Committee's decision to wade into the 5-GHz issue.

"We applaud House Energy and Commerce Committee leaders for their thoughtful, collaborative approach to spectrum policy and for their efforts to increase unlicensed spectrum without putting life-saving connected-vehicle technologies at risk," said Kern. "Wi-Fi and vehicle-to-vehicle communication are both revolutionary innovations, and we are looking forward to working with Congress to advance solutions to expand Wi-Fi while also accelerating the adoption of next-generation crash avoidance technologies on our nation's roads."

The makers of Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) communications systems want to make sure that opening the upper portion of the 5-GHz band to unlicensed Wi-Fi does not interfere with current and future intelligent vehicle systems, like crash avoidance. Those systems are currently licensed operators in the band.

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