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YouTube Kids ‘Camp’ Series Aims to Keep Parents from Going Bonkers

(Image credit: Bonkers)

Parents worrying if their kids will have summer camp this year can send their kids to Camp Bonkers, which begins streaming on YouTube Kids Wednesday.

Produced by Wind Sun Sky/Skybound North Camp Bonkers is an animated show for elementary school-aged kids.

It also aims to give kids a camp experience, with new shows on Make-it Monday, when counselors teach campers to do a craft, cook something or make slime; What a World Wednesday, when counselors talk about sustainability and history while taking part in games and exercise, and Fun Time Friday, with dancing, storytelling and games.

Episodes last 20-25 minutes. New episodes appear at 4:30 p.m. ET and PT, when kids are usually done with school but parents are at work.

Camp Bonkers is executive produced by Catherine Winder, CEO of Wind Sun Sky/Skybound North. Her credits include Star Wars: The Clone Wars, The Angry Birds Movie and Super Dinosaur.