Cablevision, Union Brooklyn Battle Continues

A federal administrative law judge ruled late Thursday that Cablevision Systems had violated a host of labor laws in its dealings with the Communications Workers of America, representing about 264 of its Brooklyn technicians, but found the cable operator not guilty of a key charge that it hopes could help in its years-long fight to oust the union.

Just how much impact the recent ruling will have on the future of union representation at Cablevision remains to be seen. While both sides have claimed victory in key aspects of the case, they are far from a means to an end and more like a path to even further litigation.

Cablevision and the CWA have been duking it out ever since the union was certified in 2012. In 2013 the dispute heated up after Cablevision terminated 22 workers for what they said was their refusal to work and the union claimed was directly tied to their union activities. Cablevision has since reinstated those workers.

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