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Cablevision Ready to Defend Program Policies Under New Rules

Following the FCC's  vote to allow program access complaints
tied to withholding terrestrially-delivered networks as well as satellite,
Cablevision issued a statement defending program policies under the new rules.

"While we find the legal basis for the decision
unfounded, we are pleased that the FCC recognized the value of Cablevision's local
programming strategy and investments," the statement said.

"Verizon and AT&T will not receive an FCC bailout
that will allow them to capture News 12, MSG Varsity and other programming that
we have developed for our customers."

While the FCC said that there was a presumption that
withholding terrestrial regional sports networks could run afoul of its rules,
there was no similar presumption for regional news nets which were not
considered the same kind of must-have, non-substitutable programming fare.

But it also said it was ready to defend its programming
practices under the new rules against complaints from telcos seeking its

"We are also pleased that despite the phone companies'
overwhelming lobbying effort, the FCC has ensured a complaint process.  If
the phone companies complain that they are unable to compete, we are confident
that we can prove that it is for a variety of reasons, none of which have to do
with HD sports programming."