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Cable Industry Vet Lamont Elected Connecticut Governor

Cable and telecom vet Ned Lamont has won the Connecticut Governorship, narrowly besting Republican Bob Stefanowski, as well as two independent candidates and a libertarian.

Lamont worked for Cablevision Systems before starting his own company, Lamont Digital Systems (Campus Televideo), in 1984, which delivers cable and distance learning services to college campuses. It was sold in 2015.


Lamont has been elected to public office in his hometown of Greenwich, where he was a selectman, and has held statewide posts. But he came to national political prominence in 2006 when he beat Joe Lieberman for the Democratic nomination for the Senate only to lose to him in a three-way race when Lieberman ran as an Independent.

Lamont ran unsuccessfully for governor in 2010.

Lamont did not play up his communications resume on his campaign site, saying he took on "the large and established giants of the telecom industry" with his company that "grew to serve over 400 of America's largest college campuses and one million college students across the nation."