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C-SPAN Unveils Trump Portrait

Donald Trump is going on a nationwide tour courtesy of your local cable operators or at least a likeness of him.

C-SPAN, the suite of public interest platforms funded by the cable industry, has unveiled a Trump portrait that will join 43 others in C-SPAN's American Presidents: Life Portraits exhibit that has been touring the country since 1999, when it was created as an adjunct to the Peabody Award-winning series of the same name.

All the paintings are by a single artist, Chas Fagan, whose credits also include the official canonization portrait of Mother Teresa.

Fagan says that Trump's eyes were the toughest part of the portrait, telling C-SPAN: "In most photos, his eyes are in shadow and difficult to see, in part due to his distinctive brow line. But eyes are such a recognizable feature, and necessary to give a portrait warmth and personality, so I worked to give them a bit more prominence."

The free exhibit has followed the campaign trails of the last five presidential elections, including debates, primaries and convention cities.