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C-SPAN: Roe V. Wade Is Best Known Supreme Court Decision

According to a poll commissioned by C-SPAN, the three Supreme Court rulings Americans are familiar with are the Roe v. Wade abortion rights case (67%), the Brown v. Board of Education school desegregation case (46%) and the Bush v. Gore (who gets to be President) ballot-counting decision (34%).

C-SPAN released the findings in conjunction with its new series on landmark Supreme Court cases, which debuts Monday, Oct. 5, the first day of oral argument in the new High Court session.

The poll, from Penn Schoen Berland, was of 1,200 adults asked if they were familiar with a list of cases C-SPAN, the majority of which C-SPAN is profiling in the series.

Other cases earning more double-digit familiarity scores were Miranda v. Arizona (reading a suspect their rights before arrest) at 27%, Dred Scott v. Sandford (slavery) at 24% and Marbury v. Madison (judicial review) at 12%.

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