BYUtv Renews Original Series 'Granite Flats'

BYUtv said it has renewed, after one season, its first original scripted series, Granite Flats. The Utah-filmed series is a family-friendly Cold War suspense drama with a twist of science fiction. 

The network, owned by Brigham Young University and based in Provo, Utah, will begin filming season two of Granite Flats this fall and the show will return to the airwaves in spring 2014. The second season, like the first, will consist of eight new one-hour episodes. Episodes of the first season can be seen online.

Season 2 kicks off in the fall of 1963, the network said. Set in the small Colorado town of Granite Flats, the Cold War rumbles underneath the lives of a group of school children, the chief of police, and the staff at the local Army base and VA hospital. Three unlikely young heroes, the school science geeks, have banded together to form their own private detective agency, but the implications of what they’re investigating is actually bigger than anyone realizes. The chief of police has been approached by the FBI to help ferret out a KGB spy hiding somewhere in their midst. A nurse at the VA Hospital has learned that her boss is running some mysterious tests on soldiers, part of the CIA's top secret MKULTRA program to develop mind-control as a weapon against the Soviets.