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Burdick Named NABPAC Trustee

Marci Burdick, SVP of broadcasting for Schurz Communications, has been named a trustee of NABPAC, the political action committee broadcasters use to support federal candidates, most of whom are preparing to try and get re-elected in the upcoming midterms.

It is only fair given how much those candidates return in political ad buys on local TV stations.

"NABPAC plays a leading role in supporting federal candidates who appreciate the broadcast industry and what we do for our local communities on a daily basis," said Burdick of the new post. "Serving as a NABPAC trustee is one of the most important things I can do to support local radio and TV stations."

Burdick is currently vice chair of the CBS Affiliates board and is a past chair of the NAB TV Board and former chairman of the NBC Affiliates Association.

As NAB TV board chair, Burdick is already a familiar face with many of those federal legislators looking to return. She was a frequent witness for broadcasters at Hill hearings on retrans.