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Broadcaster Coalition Steps Up Automated Piracy Monitoring

The International Broadcaster Coalition Against Piracy (IBCAP) and NAGRA (Kudelski Group), which provides content protection for video, have extended and expanded their agreement to combat the distribution of pirated international and multicultural TV content in the U.S.

That will include creating a "monitoring" lab to root out unauthorized distribution of content and automated systems to monitor set-top boxes, websites and other streaming platforms, according to a joint announcement of the expanded relationship. 

NAGRA's role is to detect the servers distributing pirated content from IBCAP members—which includes Sony Entertainment Television and MTV India—and get the content taken down, as well as provide investigation and litigation resources for potential lawsuits.

IBCAP, which "collaborates with Internet Service Providers ('ISPs'), payment processing agents, Content Delivery Networks ('CDNs') and hardware and software manufacturers to identify and stop unauthorized distribution of video content," has more than 30 members representing over 130 television channels from around the world.

“Developing automated, state-of-the-art tools to detect unauthorized streaming—especially on increasingly popular IPTV set-top boxes and Kodi add-ons—helps ensure we can take swift and decisive action against pirates and maintain the value of the services offered to IBCAP members," said Frederic Guitard, VP of media security services for NAGRA.