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Bright House (Charter) Tops Netflix Rankings in May

Bright House Networks became part of Charter Communications on a high note, as it was the top performing major ISP in May 2016, inching past Verizon Fios, according to Netflix’s latest speed rankings.

However, there  isn’t much of a discernable difference among the top 10 U.S. ISPs when viewed through the Netflix lens.

In May, Bright House delivered an average Netflix streaming speed during prime time hours of 3.65 Mbps, just ahead of Verizon Fios (3.64 Mbps), Cox Communications (3.62 Mbps), Cablevision Systems (3.61 Mbps), Charter (3.58 Mbps), Comcast (3.54 Mbps), Time Warner Cable (3.52 Mbps), Mediacom Communications (3.48 Mbps), Suddenlink/Altice (3.38 Mbps) and AT&T U-verse (3.37 Mbps).

Notably, Bright House had been taking advantage of Time Warner Cable’s paid peering deal with Netflix. However, all of that is going by the wayside as Charter, per the conditions of its acquisitions of TWC and Bright House acquisitions, is operating under a settlement-free interconnection model.

AT&T-DSL (2.69 Mbps), Windstream (2.45 Mbps), Verizon-DSL (1.96 Mbps) and CenturyLink (1.66 Mbps) remained at the bottom of the Netflix rankings among major U.S. ISPs.

With smaller ISPs factored in, Grande Communications (3.74 Mbps) was tops, followed by Midco (3.73 Mbps), WideOpenWest (3.71 Mbps), EPB (3.69 Mbps) and Bright House.

On a global basis, Switzerland, with an average of 3.93 Mbps, was the best Netflix performer, followed by the Netherlands (3.82 Mbps), Belgium (3.79 Mbps), Luxembourg (3.77 Mbps), and Sweden (3.7 Mbps). U.S. ISPs measured by Netflix averaged 3.28 Mbps in May, the same as April.