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Bravo Sets Six New Series

Bravo will continue to tap into the real estate genre with three of six new unscripted series built around staging, redecorating and flipping homes, the network said Monday.

Among the new series in development are Center Staged, which follows married couple Adair Curtis and Jason Bolden who help furnish luxury houses set to go on the market; Million Dollar Home Hacks, a competition-based series in which two couples, along with the help of interior designers, compete to transform a room in their home into a “million dollar” interior;  and Flippin’ Exes, which follows current business partners Nina Klemm & Michael LeSure and their team as they buy, rehab and sell homes.   

Bravo also announced three other new shows in development, including The High School Project, a re-creation series that follows the true stories of New York City’s most elite students who grew up fast and partied hard in the 90s; Welcome to America, in which the population of a small American town is changed to reflect different parts of the country; and Empty Nesters, which follows the exploits of a group of friends who look to enjoy life after planning to send their children to summer sleep away camps, said network officials.