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Bravo Fights the Tabloid Wars

Bravo will offer a fly-on-the-wall depiction of the world of big-city journalism with its new reality show, Tabloid Wars, which will premiere July 24 at 9 p.m., officials said Monday.

Bravo is touting the series as the first unscripted documentary set inside the newsroom of one of the world's largest newspapers, the New YorkDaily News. Tabloid Wars is a six-episode, one-hour program shot in the form of a procedural drama.

Each episode of Tabloid Wars follows the working lives of four to five compelling characters, the journalists of the News, as they report on crime, murder, war, and celebrity news with New York as the backdrop.

The show goes right into the paper’s newsroom to depict the dramatic world of newsgathering and reporting. The colorful journalists portrayed include crime and city reporters, gossip columnists, sportswriters and top editors, all of whom are wholeheartedly dedicated to their trade. The stories they cover vary from complex murders, to the war in Iraq, to Robert De Niro's thieving nanny and a Gotti family party.

Filmed with complete access but structured and edited like a traditional dramatic series, Tabloid Wars documents how New York's most timely and exciting stories make it to print and to newsstands nationwide.

Shot last summer, Tabloid Wars is produced by Hearst Entertainment Inc. for Bravo.