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Bourdain to Host AMC's 'Mob Week'

Before he begins his new gig at CNN, Anthony Bourdain has a reservation to host AMC's second annual "Mob Week."
The chef, author and former Travel Channel star who is schedules to headline a weekend primetime series for the cable news network in 2013, will introduce the primetime movies and appear in vignettes throughout the stunt that will air on AMC from July 30 through August 5.
The event will showcase 19 mob-themed movies spanning seven decades, including such top genre theatricals asThe Public Enemy, The Godfather trilogy, Scarface, Once Upon a Time in America, The Untouchables, Goodfellas and Get Shorty. Throughout Mob Week, AMC will also air a short-form documentary series featuring some of today's most notorious mafia personalities and exploring such topics as the mob code, the family business and what it's like to become a made man.
Bourdain's segments were shot on location around Manhattan's Little Italy, as the author of the novel Kitchen Confidential, will discuss mob films and culture and serve interesting connections between la costra nostra and their favorite cuisine.
"As a long-time mob nerd, crime writer and would-be aficionado of a Sicilian American fraternal organization, this is a dream come true," said Bourdain in a statement.

Primetime movies throughout AMC's "Mob Week" include:

• The Godfather on Monday, July 30 at 8pm
• The Godfather Part II on Tuesday, July 31 at 8pm
• Scarface on Wednesday, August 1 at 8pm
• AMC Celebrates the 15th Anniversary of Donnie Brasco on Thursday, August 2 at 8pm
• The Untouchables on Friday, August 3 at 8pm
• Scarface on Saturday, August 4 at 6pm and 10pm
• Goodfellas on Sunday, August 5 at 6:45pm

AMC's short-form documentary series, which airs throughout the week's primetime films, takes viewers inside the Mafia and mob life, including the last interview with the late Henry Hill. Here are AMC's descriptions of the vignettes:

• "The Family Business" (airs during The Godfather): Sons of the mob, Johnny Fratto and Sam Gianccana, Jr., explain why the mob is the ultimate family-owned business. A legacy rich in tradition is passed down from father to son. Sometimes that succession is unsettling, violent and inescapable.

• "The Mob Code" (The Godfather Part II): Honor and deceit are key themes in the Godfather Part II and this segment introduces viewers to the "Mob Code" and what it means to be a made man. Mob experts and authorities provide perspective on how some of the greatest families have been brought down from carelessness and deceit from within.

• "Made For The Mob" (Goodfellas): The late Henry Hill shares his experience being inducted into the mob, the qualities that made him fit in and whether he regrets the decisions he made.

• "The Chicago Way" (The Untouchables): Sam Gianccana Jr., son of outfit boss Sam Giancanna, outlines the "Chicago Way" - if someone puts one of your guys in the hospital you put one of them in a grave. Gianccana details how the mob owned Chicago, from the beat cops to the judges as well as the cat-and-mouse game they played with the Feds, before the experts detail how the government got around Chicago's "business as usual."

• "Power and Drugs" (Scarface): Mob personalities take viewers into the world of power and the paranoia that comes with it. Mob experts and cops recount the sudden transformation of Miami from a sleepy retirement destination to a blood-soaked cocaine mecca in the 1980s and how a dictator on a small island orchestrated an attack on America without ever firing a single shot.

• "Divided Loyalties" (Donnie Brasco): Mob experts and cops share the many ways law enforcement have successfully infiltrated the mob, while Henry Hill, a man who lived on both sides of the law, brings viewers inside the struggle to do what's right when family loyalties are put on the line against a life behind bars.