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Boucher Proposing To Preempt State Consumer Protections On Wireless Service

House Communications & Internet Subcommittee Chairman
Rick Boucher (D-Va.) said Wednesday (Jan. 27) he hopes later this year to
introduce a bill establishing a set of national consumer protection standards
for wireless service--including Internet service--that would preempt state

He told an audience at the Congressional Internet Caucus
State of the Net conference in Washington
Wednesday that the wireless industry was the "poster child" for a
national set of standards that would in turn provide protections for Internet

He pointed out that a cell phone or PDA user could be living
in one state, work in another and carry on most of his use while on the road.
"So, for millions of users I think it is very hard to determine which
state has the greatest relevance in establishing consumer protection rights for
that user."

He said he had consulted with industry, as well as the FCC
and state authorities. "We hope to have legislation ready for circulation
in the not-to-distant future," he said.