Boomerang Is in the Pink

The Pink Panther will traipse onto Boomerang later this month.

Starting June 27, the half-hour series, stripped at 7:30 p.m., will showcase 90 classic theatrical shorts that were produced from 1964-77, including the Oscar-winning “The Pink Phink.” The series will also encompass 84 installments that were made for TV between 1978-95.

“He came to embody the essence of ‘cool’ in the 1960s through the Blake Edwards movies that spotlighted the nonspeaking character in silent comedy over title sequences,” Boomerang and Cartoon Network vice president of programming and scheduling Marc Buhaj said in a prepared statement. “Through the years, [The Pink Panther has] never lost his ‘it factor.’”

The series was slated to coincide with the theatrical remake of The Pink Panther, according to the network. But the film has been pushed to February.