Boomerang Feeling Fantastic

Boomerang is set for a Fantastic weekend.

Cartoon Network's 24-hour, commercial-free animation spinoff will air two primetime marathons of original 1967 animated action-adventure series The Fantastic Four Saturday, July 2, and Sunday, July 3, both from 8 p.m.-midnight (EST).

Live-action feature film The Fantastic Four opens nationwide July 8.

During the two marathons, Boomerang will showcase all 19 half-hour episodes that were produced for the ABC broadcast network by Hanna-Barbera in association with Marvel Comics.

“With such strong interest surrounding the motion picture, we have created a Fantastic Four programming event that will allow Boomerang audiences of all ages to discover -- or, for some, rediscover -- the characters and story lines that were integral to the success of the original animated series,” Boomerang and Cartoon vice president of programming and scheduling Marc Buhaj said in a prepared statement.