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‘Boob Tube’ Still Content King: Nielsen Study

Video consumers are spending more time on every available platform, including TVs, computers and cell phones, according to a report on television consumption released Tuesday by The Nielsen Co.

Despite other options for consuming content, Americans are spending an increased amount of time in front of televisions: an average of 127 hours, 15 minutes a month, according to the research company. This viewing is not at the expense of Internet use: that metric is up 9%, to 26 hours and 26 minutes a month.

Online viewing is estimated at 2 hours and 19 minutes and Americans watch 3 hours and 15 minutes a month on their cell phones, according to the survey.

“Commercial television is alive and well—growing 1% year over year—despite the rapid adoption of other platforms,” said John Burbank, chief marketing officer for The Nielsen Company.  “Moreover, timeshifting represents less than 5% of total viewing.”