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Bono Mack Backs International Hands-Off Internet Resolution

Rep. Mary Bono Mack (R-Calif.) ash introduced a resolution opposing "regulation of the Internet by the United Nations or any other international governmental organizations."

A resolution does not have any authority, but instead expresses the "sense of the House."

While it was targeted at the international community, Bono Mack used the resolution as an opportunity to tweak the FCC: " Any attempt by the United Nations to take over something that is so central to our economy is deeply troubling and a threat to American consumers," she said in announcing the resolution. "It is bad enough that we have to fight to keep the Federal Communications Commission's hands off the Internet; just imagine having to convince governments like Iran and China."

And while the resolution urged President Obama to oppose other countries' Internet regs, Bono Mack's statement could be read as a warning to domestic regulators. "The Internet has grown and thrived precisely because it has not been subjected to the suffocating effect of the heavy hand of government. Market-based policies, the free flow of information and private sector leadership have allowed the Internet to flourish and become the world's greatest communication platform."