Bloomberg Boasts Business-Focused Election Coverage

In a network first, Bloomberg Television decided to cover this coming Election Day (Tuesday, Nov. 7) with strictly business-focused coverage.

The news network announced that it will air 2006 Vote: Business and the Ballot, covering midterm elections and key referendums.

“Election coverage, to our knowledge, has never been looked at before with an eye toward business economics,” said Anita Tobias of Bloomberg’s affiliate-marketing team. She added that the network’s coverage would help people to understand how changes in the House and Senate could affect taxes, among other things. “People really vote with their pocketbooks,” she said.

Anchored by journalist and political analyst Judy Woodruff -- host of Conversations with Judy Woodruff -- coverage will include analysis of the economic implications of hotly contested races, as well as responses from foreign markets to the outcome of U.S. elections.

Joining Woodruff will be Bloomberg chief political correspondent Roger Simon, providing an election-night overview and commentary, and senior editor John Mercurio of political journal The Hotline, offering commentary and analysis.

Bloomberg anchors Peter Cook (Money & Politics) and Rhonda Schaffler (The Bloomberg Report) and reporters Lindsey Arent and Lizzie O'Leary will also participate.

And the network will have reporters on the ground in Asia and Europe when the markets wake up to track foreign reactions to U.S. elections.

Bloomberg is carried on Comcast, Cox Communications, Charter Communications, Time Warner Cable, DirecTV, EchoStar Communications’ Dish Network and RCN. Election coverage begins at 8 p.m. (EST) Tuesday, Nov. 7.