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Blackburn Slams FCC Rules as Net 'Iron Curtain'

With the FCC's network neutrality rules going into effect Nov. 20, rules critic Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) called on the House and Senate to act on legislative efforts to block the rules, taking aim at the rules in a statement as an "Internet Iron Curtain" and a "Job-killer."

"Net neutrality is a net loser," said Blackburn. "These regulations were approved last December and the FCC has been slow-walking them to avoid the lawsuits that are certain to be filed. It is just another example of a federal agency defying the will of the people. This is just more bureaucratic overregulation that will discourage innovation, hurt competition, and serve as a job-killer for the industry. The FCC is in essence building an Internet Iron Curtain that will restrict more of our freedom. For these reasons and more, the Senate should act immediately on the resolution of disapproval and the House needs to bring up and pass my Internet Freedom Act so we can start to hold the FCC accountable."

Blackburn's bill would basically cancel out the new rules, saying that "the Federal Communications Commission shall not propose, promulgate, or issue any regulations regarding the Internet or IP-enabled services."

The Senate has yet to act on a House-passed resolution nullifying the rule change.