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Blackburn Pledges Bill to Block FCC Net Neutrality Reg Restoration

Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.), a member of the House Communications subcommittee and a long-time critic of FCC network neutrality rules, said Wednesday she would be introducing legislation to block the effort.

Cable operators and others were supportive of the Wheeler plan, but much as with the first pass at the rules, it appeared to center on the fact that Wheeler was not attempting to classify ISPs as common carriers.

But Blackburn saw it as a more innovation-killing, investment-chilling regulation. "Since it is clear that FCC Chairman Wheeler is on a crusade to implement these socialistic regulations, I will soon be introducing legislation to block these efforts and protect Internet freedom for consumers."

The effort will be largely symbolic. Chances of any such legislation passing in a divided Congress are about the same as passage of a Democrat-backed bill to clarify the FCC's authority to regulate broadband, a bill even its author has conceded won't pass.