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BFA Study: Majority of Verifiable, Non-Fake Comments Opposed Title II

Pew Research was not the only group to have studied the FCC's network neutrality docket and prepared some takeaways for reporters and others.

Broadband for America commissioned its own study, the chief takeaway from which was that 69.9% of the comments were in favor of repealing Title II, when "fake and unverifiable" international comments were factored out.

According to the analysis, 7.75 million of the comments, or over a third, were generated by fictitious email domains It also found that 1.72 million comments overwhelmingly (99%) for Title II came from unverifiable addresses in Russia, India, France and 26 other countries.

According to the survey, there were 9.93 million duplicative comments.

When the 7.75 million "obviously fake" domains and 1.72 million unverifiable international comments are excluded, the 69.9% in support figure is derived.

The analysis was commissioned from analytics firm, Emprata.

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