Beta Releases Subscriber Evaluation Study

Beta Research released the results of its 2006 Cable Subscriber Evaluation Study Wednesday.

Among the highlights:

• In terms of percentage of respondents mentioning basic cable networks unaided when asked their five favorite basic channels, Discovery Channel led at 33%, followed by ESPN (28%); The History Channel (26%); Food Network (19%); TNT (18%); Home & Garden Television, CNN and Fox News Channel (17%); and Lifetime Television (16%).

• When broken down by gender, men’s favorite major networks were ESPN, Discovery, History and ESPN2, while women chose Lifetime, Discovery, Food and HGTV. In terms of midsized networks, men went with Speed Channel and National Geographic Channel, while women picked WE tv, GSN and Oxygen.

• Adults 18-34 chose ESPN, Discovery, MTV and Food as far as major networks, and that age group went with NGC and GSN for midsized networks.

• Beta’s findings for average perceived value among top-ranked major networks found ESPN on top, followed by ESPN2, History, Discovery, Disney Channel, Cartoon Network, Fox News Channel and Nickelodeon. Trinity Broadcast Network, ESPN Classic and The Golf Channel topped the midsized-networks list.

• In terms of quality of programming, Discovery was tops among Beta’s respondents, followed by History, ESPN2, ESPN, The Weather Channel, Disney, Animal Planet, CNN, Home & Garden Television and Fox News. As for midsized networks, NGC came out on top, followed by Golf and Discovery Health Channel.