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BET Books Obama for Interview Series

Black Entertainment Television will televise an interview with Presidential candidate Barack Obama Jan. 8, the first of several such interviews as part of the network’s 2008 national election coverage.

The 30-minute show, What’s In It For Us? Barack Obama And the Black Vote, will feature Sen. Obama (D-Ill.) discussing topics ranging from the U.S. education system, the criminal justice system and immigration as he attempts to become the first African-American president, the network said.

In addition, the show will explore Obama’s take on what being “black enough” really means; the African American electorate; and his personal thoughts on hip hop and what is playing on his iPod.

The What’s In It For Us? series of interviews will continue Jan. 15 with Sen. Hilary Clinton (D-N.Y.). That show will include the New York Clinton’s thoughts on her rivals as well as whether she can capitalize on the positive relationship that’s been build between her husband Bill Clinton and Black America during his presidency.