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BDS Vote on November FCC Agenda

Hardly had the FCC voted to approach one contentious item—the broadband privacy order—when FCC chairman Tom Wheeler had scheduled a vote on another—the business data services (BDS) proposal.

The item had been circulated for a vote by the commissioners, which meant it could have been voted out of the public eye.

But according to the tentative agenda (which can change if recent past is prologue), a vote has now been scheduled for the Nov. 17 meeting.

It is billed as light-touch regulation for competitive business broadband providers—like cable ISPs—and updated price cap regs for the incumbent telcos.

Not on the agenda was a public vote on the set-top rules revamp. That, too, was circulated for a vote among the commissioners, but given all the attention from stakeholders and the Hill and calls for transparency, it would likely be scheduled for a meeting vote.

Wheeler told reporters Thursday that he was still hoping to vote out the set-top item by the end of the year.

Also on the agenda is a Report and Order on requirements for video described programming.