BBT Wants to Brief FCC’s Video Security Committee

Beyond Broadband Technology (BBT), the cable consortium that has developed a downloadable security platform for set-tops and other video devices, wasn’t asked to participate on an FCC-appointed committee that will start the pursuit of a successor to CableCARD, but it still wants its voice to be heard.

In a letter to that group — called the Downloadable Security Technology Advisory Committee — on Friday, BBT CEO and CTO Bill Bauer proposed to give the DSTAC or any relevant sub-committee a “full technical briefing” so they can weigh and explore “the unique aspects and challenges in the development of a true ‘technology and platform neutral’ security system such as BBT's…”

BBT, which works primarily with small cable operators, sought but failed to secure spot on the DSTAC, which will hold its first meeting next Tuesday. The FCC recently appointed a group of 18 execs and specialists from companies and organizations that include Comcast, Public Knowledge, AT&T, TiVo, Amazon, Evolution Digital and the Motion Picture Association of America.

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