BBC News Gets A Makeover

The BBC News brand is being refreshed Monday in an effort to help viewers recognize the news service wherever they find it.

The new titles keep the news logo, typeface and distinctive red, but on a white—not black—background and incorporate more movement of the familiar circles.

In the U.S. this will be reflected in the opening titles, visual transitions and graphics on BBC World News America,which airs both on BBC America and BBC World News channels.

Globally, the service will be rebranded by its U.S. name: BBC World News. Research showed that the U.S. label better communicated the gist of the content from the channel.

In the UK, a multimedia newsroom launches in London with the rebranded look today and News 24 (the BBC’s UK 24 hour cable news channel) is renamed BBC News Channel.

The new designs, by Lambie Nairn, cover 24-hour news, network bulletins, nations and regions output.