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BBC America Goes Wild

BBC America will develop five nature-themed co-productions in the near future, according to network officials.

The new series include The Hunt, a BBC co-promotion which will use character-driven stories to illustrate the competition between predators and their prey, said network officials. Other network co-promotions with the BBC Natural History Unit include One Planet, which explores environments through the eyes of the creatures that live there; Wild Alaska, which showcases that natural landscape and the animals that inhabit the state; Beyond Human, which takes a unique look into the world of animal senses; and 24 Hours On Earth, which follows animal and plant behaviour over a 24-hour basis.  

“We are thrilled to add an ambitious new dimension to BBC America's programming line-up by co-producing landmark natural history programming from some of the world’s greatest producers,” said Perry Simon, general manager of BBC America in a statement. “The BBC Natural History Unit has transformed non-fiction programming and established itself as a worldwide center of excellence. No other organization in the world has such a rich heritage, deep archive and expertise in this field.”