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AXS TV To Host Grammys Special

AXS TV will look to pick the winners of the 2014 Grammy Awards as part of a live special airing Jan. 22.

The one-hour show, Grammy Prediction Special, will star network personality Ryan Stout and will feature polling on the upcoming music awards conducted from the next-generation data mining company CivicScience. The show’s panel of experts including renowned music critic Bob Lefsetz, music newsmaker DJ Skee and CivicScience’s John Dick will express their own opinions concerning the GRAMMY’s top categories including Song of the Year; Album of the Year and Record of the Year, among others, according to network officials.

“With this special we are bringing the world of analytics to music in a new fashion, striving to address an area that is seldom tackled, which is correctly predicting winners before the envelopes are opened,” stated Mark Cuban, AXS TV founder and member of CivicScience’s Advisory Board in a statement.