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AT&T Talks Tech about User-Directed Prioritization

AT&T execs had a tech talk with the FCC this week as part of its pitch for a user-generated approach to commercially reasonable discrimination.    

AT&T is suggesting that the FCC's new network neutrality rules could include a rebuttable presumption against ISP-generated discrimination, but allow for user-directed discrimination. For example, say a real-time gamer who wants to prioritize that service, where jitter can ruin the user experience, over e-mail where a second or two delay is not noticeable.    

According to a filing with the FCC, Bill Smith, president of technology operations for AT&T, met with the FCC's chief technology officer Scott Jordan to discuss how AT&T business customers prioritize traffic using protocols like DiffServ, a network architecture for prioritizing some traffic, real-time voice or streaming media, for example, over other services. 

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