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Assignment Phase of 24 GHz Auction Ends

The FCC's 24 GHz auction concluded at 5 p.m. Tuesday (May 28).

The clock phase of the auction of high-band spectrum for 5Gended April 17 with a total $1,988,888,836 bid for the spectrum over 91 rounds—2,909 licenses were available, 2,904 drew bids.

What has now concluded was the second, assignment, phase, where winning bidders in the clock phase bid for specific frequencies. That phase began May 3 and brought the auction total to $2,024,268,941.

Combined with the 28 Ghz auction, which closed Jan. 24, the FCC's first two high-band spectrum auctions drew $2.7 billion in gross bids. A third begins in December.

The FCC said after the 28 GHz auction that it would not reveal the winning bidders in that auction until after the 24 GHz auction concluded.

The FCC said Tuesday that it would be releasing that information in the next few days.


“American leadership in 5G means deploying more airwaves for the next generation of wireless connectivity,” said FCC chairman Ajit Pai. “The successful conclusion of our nation’s first two high-band flexible, mobile-use spectrum auctions is a critical step. By making more spectrum available, we’ll ensure that American consumers reap the substantial benefits that 5G innovation will bring and we’ll extend U.S. leadership in 5G.”