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APTS Posts Revised TV Station Sharing Agreement

The Association of Public Television Stations has posted an updated copy of a "model" TV station sharing agreement on its website.

TV stations participating in the broadcast incentive auction have the option of giving up their spectrum but striking a sharing agreement with another station while retaining their license and must-carry rights.

“This channel sharing agreement is intended to help public television stations make decisions that are best for their stations and their local communities regarding the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) spectrum auction and repacking process,” said APTS executive VP, chief operating officer, Lonna Thompson. “A successful auction and repacking of our broadcasters is in the best interests of all involved industries,” she said.

APTS has argued that an FCC decision that would be good for stations and communities would be if it reserved a noncommercial channel in each market after the repack. Currently, the FCC is planning to reject APTS's request for that channel reservation, a request seconded by PBS and CPB.