Analyst Has 14 Questions for Time Warner Chief

As Time Warner chairman and CEO Jeff Bewkes prepares for the media conglomerate’s planned Investor Day meeting in New York tomorrow morning (Oct. 15), BTIG media analyst Rich Greenfield blogged about some of the top questions he would like answered at the gathering.

The meeting, which will be webcast live on its website at, comes about three months after the company rejected 21st Century Fox’s unsolicited $80 billion takeover offer. Fox withdrew its pursuit of the company in August. It is largely believed that Bewkes will be tasked with proving to shareholders and analysts that Time Warner is better off as a standalone company.

Greenfield, no wallflower himself, blogged his top 14 questions for the meeting. Among the more interesting – How prepared is the company to launch an over-the-top version of its Home Box Office premium channel? Does it concern the company that TBS’s biggest ratings draw are reruns of CBS show The Big Bang Theory? and Why does the media giant still own broadcast network The CW? You can read the rest here.