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ANA Asks FCC to Extend Broadband CPNI Comment Deadline

The Association of National Advertisers has asked the FCC for more time to comment on its proposed new framework for regulating broadband customer proprietary network information (CPNI) privacy—like what sites they visit.

A divided FCC approved the proposal March 31 and released it April 1.

ANA said that an initial comment period of only 57 days following that release was not sufficient and wants an additional 60 days—to July 26.

"Because the potential implications of the NPRM for advertising and marketing interests are significant and far-reaching, they require sufficient and thoughtful analysis," said ANA in a letter to the FCC requesting the extension. "However, the timeline provided by the Commission does not permit such analysis to be adequately concluded.  Therefore, ANA requests that the Commission extend the time period for the filing of comments by an additional 60 days, until July 26, 2016."

A central piece of the FCC's proposal is requiring affirmative—opt in—approval for an ISP to share customer information with a third-party, including for third-party marketing.

Advertisers have long pointed out that such marketing is the reason that much online content is provided free and that an opt-in model could threaten the free content model that surfers have become to expect.