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Amazon’s Fire TV Branches Out

The Fire TV, Amazon’s video streaming and gaming device, is starting to go global roughly five months after its U.S. debut.

Amazon announced Wednesday that the Fire TV is available for pre-orders in the U.K. and Germany.

Amazon’s selling the device in Germany for €99 (US$130.20), but is letting it go for €49 (US$64.44) to existing Prime customers. It’ll start shipping to buyers in Germany on September 5.

In the U.K., the Fire TV will fetch £79 (US$ 130), but Amazon is also priming the pump there by lowering the price to £49 (US$80.67) to existing Prime members over the next  five days. Shipments in the U.K. are slated to start October 23.

Like the version offered in the U.S., the Fire TV for the these new markets will support 1080p video, voice search and “ASAP,” an Amazon-exclusive feature that’s designed to predict shows the user will want to watch and adds them the streaming queue.

Amazon won’t disclose sales figures on the Fire TV, but does note that it’s been the best-selling streaming box on Amazon in the U.S. since its April debut.