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Amazon Debuts New Toddler-Targeted Series

Amazon Studios will continue to reach out to young viewers with the debut today of live action series Annedroids on its Amazon Prime digital service, the network said Friday.

Amazon will roll out seven episodes of the toddler-targeted series, which follows a young female genius, her friends and android assistants as they seek out scientific discoveries around them while navigating through puberty, said network officials. Emmy-nominated J.J. Johnson (Dino Dan) and Sinking Ship Entertainment created the series for Amazon.

The series is the third kids-targeted original project Amazon has premiered this year for its Amazon Prime subscribers. The OTT service debuted pre-school targeted series Tumble Leaf on May 23 and Creative Gallery last month.

“J.J. has a unique way of infusing rich characters and storylines into thought-provoking children’s programming,” said Tara Sorensen, Head of Kids’ Programming at Amazon Studios in a statement. “We’re excited to be collaborating with an accomplished creator and studio whose proven track record in the space is sure to leave a positive impact on a new generation of kids.”