Altice USA Offering World Cup Matches in 4K

Add Altice USA to the mix of pay TV providers that are offering 2018 World Cup games in the pixel-packed 4K format.  

Altice USA said the majority of World Cup matches will be offered in 4K on channel 200. Subs will need a 4K TV as well as the MSO’s recently launched Altice One all-services box. That device is available in Altice USA’s Optimum footprint (formerly Cablevision Systems) and is starting to make its way into the Suddenlink service footprint.  

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Speaking on the company’s Q1 call in early May, CEO Dexter Goei estimated that about 100,000 subs in the Optimum footprint are on the Altice One platform, with 80% of video gross adds connected to the new device on a daily basis.  

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 Altice One users will also be able to call up World Cup features and coverage with the device’s integrated voice remote.  

Additionally, all World Cup matches on Fox and FS1 in HD will also be restart-enabled, meaning they can be accessed even if they aren’t being recorded.  

Among other U.S. MVPDs, DirecTV, Layer3 TV and Dish Network are also offering live World Cup matches in 4K, or in 4K and HDR.

As part of its update, DirecTV said it will deliver the 4K HDR feeds on channel 105 and 106. DirecTV is also offering a four-day free preview of “marquee” FS1 content, including six World Cup matches, to subs who don’t currently get that network in their subscription packages.