Almost Half Of Streaming Device Owners Want More: Study

The market for specialized streaming devices is already full of competitors, with more on the way, but the good news for that group is that a sizable group of consumers who already own those OTT video devices will soon be on the prowl for at least one more.

According to a new study from The Diffusion Group, 48% of current users of “Internet set-top boxes,” a category that includes Roku and Apple TV devices, are likely to purchase another iSTB in the next six months. Likewise, 29% of adult broadband users are expected to purchase a new OTT video device during that period, the firm said.

That could bode well not just for Roku, which is about to release its new $49 HDMI Streaming Stick, but also the already-popular Google Chromecast, and new OTT video device models rumored to be coming soon from both Apple and Amazon.

TDG said about 14% of broadband homes currently use an Internet set-top box to access OTT video on their TVs, with usage prominent among early Millenials (age 25-34) and Late Boomers (age 45-54).

“The fact that current iSTB owners are significantly more likely than non-owners to buy an iSTB speaks volumes about the multi-room future of iSTBs,” said TDG director of research Michael Greeson, in a statement. “This in no way diminishes the extent of new demand, but it speaks to the fact that once a household owns an iSTB and understands its benefits, they want it on all their TVs. As well, it appeals to operators looking for an inexpensive, consumer-subsidized way to expand their advanced digital TV services to other rooms of the home. This is positive news for both iSTB and ‘Internet stick’ vendors.”