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All Univision Content Restored to U-verse, For Now

Univision has restored all its TV stations an networks, not just the Univision net and stations, to AT&T's U-verse as the two sides continue to negotiate a new carriage deal.

Univision and the TV stations had remained on U-verse past yesterday's most recent extension deadline, but neither side had commented on whether that meant another 24-hour extension or progress toward a deal.

But Thursday afternoon (March 24), they put out a joint statement saying that "Univision has restored all of their local and cable networks to U-verse customers while the two companies work together to finalize an agreement." There was not mention of a time limit.

AT&T had been asking that all the nets be restored, but previously Univision had agreed only to keep the Univision stations and net on, which had been the case through a series of one-day, then weekend, stays after they were restored so U-verse viewers could access the Democratic candidate debate.