aioTV Revs Up Curation Engine

aioTV has taken the wraps off Composer, a curation and personalization engine that ingests and normalizes metadata and will be targeted to a wide range of pay TV platforms.

Noting that existing curation tools are often manual and repetitive, Denver-based aioTV said its more automated Composer system, which is a combination of a recommendation and personalization einge,  is delivered via a user interface and a set of APIs that enables integration “in a matter of days.”

aioTV said Composer is designed to surfaces the  content into the MVPD’s user interface, including relevant Web and over-the-top content. The MVPD, it added, retains control of the ability to ingest metadata from traditional or web sources and then normalize, edit and manage it for its own platform.

“We find that human curation, mixed with our auto curation and personalization allows operators to delight customers, find efficiencies within their curation teams and enhance their content monetization strategies, all from one easy to use tool, Mike Earle, CEO of aioTV, said in a statement.

Earle said aioTV doesn’t have any customers to announce yet for the Composer, but said three tier one MVPDs around the globe are validating it ahead of anticipated deployments. He ntoed that the product is designed to plug into existing platforms, meaning there’s no other suppliers to “displace” by adding it.

Of recent note, aioTV had been working with Cox on a pair of curated OTT video offerings --  FlareKids and MeTV – that were recently discontinued.