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Adult Swim to Test Friday Waters

New York -- Adult Swim will put its foot in the water with a seventh night of programming this summer.

Cartoon Network’s late-night spinoff service will begin programming Friday nights at 11 p.m. starting July 6.

Officials at the network’s upfront presentation to advertisers here Thursday night were also expected to trumpet a trio of new series, including this summer’s Lucy, the Daughter of the Devil, in which the heroine is dating a great guy who may just be the Second Coming, much to the potentially apocalyptic dismay of her dad, Satan; and herald a special Star Wars-themed episode of its Robot Chicken series, which will feature favorites from the galaxy far, far away, including its creator himself, George Lucas, who lends his voice talent. The special bows June 17.

Topping the list of fresh fare this fall is Fat Guy Stuck in Internet, in which a hot-shot programmer must come to grips with whether he is the new messiah or merely a way corpulent dude stuck inside the grid.

Next year, Adult Swim will swing open the pen on Superjail, the home to psychedelic landscape of criminals, fantastic creatures, bizarre contraptions and frequent riots overseen by a warden, reminiscent of a sadistic Willy Wonka, according to the network.

In addition, Adult Swim -- which is coming off a record quarter in total-day delivery of adults 18-34 -- is gearing up for new episodes or new seasons of such returning series as Saul of the Mole Men; Assy McGee; The Boondocks; Frisky Dingo; Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law; Metalocalypse; Moral Orel; Robot Chicken; Squidbillies; and The Venture Bros.

As the power trio of Frylock, Meatwad and Master Shake continue their big screen run with Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters, new installments of the show will premiere this fall, with a fifth season to follow in 2008.

A promotion for Aqua Teen Hunger Force in which 38 light boards shaped like a Mooninite character were placed around Boston resulted in an anti-terrorism response Jan. 31 that brought traffic and commuting in the city to a halt and ultimately cost parent Turner Broadcasting System and Interference, the agency that executed the stunt, a $2 million fine to local, state and national agencies to avoid prosecution.

The controversy also caused general manager Jim Samples to resign; Cartoon has yet to name a successor.